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September 27, 2003 by PrincessHirmer5167
IE holes lead to AIM, dial-up attacks

Security holes in Microsoft's Internet Explorer have been exploited by hackers to hijack AOL instant messaging accounts and force unsuspecting Web surfers to run up massive phone bills, computer experts cautioned on Friday.

Some Internet Explorer users are also finding that malicious Web sites are secretly slipping Trojan programs onto their computers, which could prove an even more dangerous exploit, said Drew Copley, a research engineer...
September 27, 2003 by PrincessHirmer5167
Beer belly is a fairyt-ale

DRINKING lager does NOT give you a beer belly, experts claimed yesterday.
They examined the link between beer and obesity after realising past tests were inconclusive.

Tests on the weight and height of 2,500 drinkers found men who drank were no more likely than others to be fat — and women who drank weighed slightly less than those who didn’t.

Dr Martin Bobak of London’s University College said: “It is unlikely beer intake is associated with a largely in...